SUP Standing Upright Paddle Board Yoga

Yoga on an 11 ft Paddle Board in calm, warm water is a pleasure. Our class is at 7:00 pm, because earlier, hundreds of people are in the water. From 7:00 pm, we have the lagoon fronting our location in the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort and Spa Hotel to ourselves. The hotels provide ambient light; just enough.

Meet 15 minutes prior, at 6:45 pm, gather up boards, anchors, and dry bags, and head out to the water across the street.

We set up close to the lagoon wall, about 70 ft from the beach, in about 3 ft deep water. No rocks. Falling is fine; you just get wet. Class begins with sitting poses, and progresses into a certain amount of down dog and with standing poses, as group tolerance allows.

The stars are above, we are working while centering ourselves on a moving surface, and the group energy is beautiful.

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