Beach Yoga

Indoor Yoga

SUP Yoga 




Both Indoor Yoga and Beach Yoga classes are structured improvisations which include a rotating selection of themes, all of which are based on relaxing into conditioning. The content includes traditional Hatha Yoga, Sports-Stretching, and Dance Conditioning.


Theme 1: 

Laying Down Yoga. 

Class starts laying down, in an X shape.  From there, peripherally led movement creates slow, liquid spine twists from supine to prone and back again, in every possible manner.  Body Xing is a fantastic way to wake up, warm up, and expand yourself.  The extensions within the twisting leads to expanding our engagement with traditional assana.


Theme 2: 

Yoga with bands

Large sitting balls, small massage balls for standing on, and straps attached to barre, and multi level barre.  Picture Tadasana in motion, with tools.


Theme 3: 

Standard Sun Salutations!  Let’s rock, sweat, and roll! And then savasana.


Theme 4: 

Social Distant Partner Yoga. 

Yes.  Partner Yoga at a distance.  By using 10ft yoga straps, we can balance away and with each other.  At times, each person has a strap in the hand, for a variety of pulling processes.  At other times, one 10 ft strap is looped into a circle, and two people step inside the circle.  From there, counter balancing together is an exercise in cooperation!  Some beginning acro yoga conditioning can be added, for partners who live together.


Yoga mats are available

for sale: $40, or rent, $2 per class.


Beach and Studio Class fee:  $20.

SUP Yoga Class fee:  $60

Pass of Three Beach/Studio Classes  $45  3x SUP:  $150

Pass of Ten Beach/Studio Classes  $120   10x SUP:  $400

Pass of Thirty Beach/Studio Classes  $320  30x SUP:  $900


Passes do not expire, and can be shared.



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