Outdoor Schedule


EVERY DAY | 7:00 AM TO 8:30 AM

At that hour we have shade with a virtually private beach.
This is yoga off of a firm wood floor and on the shifting surface of a sandy beach. We all love a wood floor with a mat for the ‘base’ it provides. Well, ‘shifting sand’ offers us the opportunity to ‘keep-it-together’ as Eddie said in Bowfinger. It takes work to keep your legs together on sand! That extra bit of isometric umph adds an enjoyable and invigorating dimension to regular standing poses.

The class content will vary daily. It will always be based on the symphony of breath, alignment, and intention. However, some days include partner yoga. Sometimes the partner yoga includes acro yoga. Sometimes the acroyoga includes ten foot loops, in which a pair can find balance together. Some classes veer in the direction of quiet ‘allowing,’ some head more towards slightly exuberant fun. Laughing out loud is known to happen.

On some days, the last portion of the class is performed while standing in shallow ‘ankle height’ waves.

My intention is to create a class which is comfortable for beginners, and yet meaningful for more athletic people.

Please bring a bath towel to sit on, and, you won’t need your yoga mat; on sand, mats just bunch your toes up. Toes need to be able to spread out.

Class starts at 7:00 am and is 90 minutes long.

Reservations are not necessary.




This is also a beginner friendly, mixed level class, but, it will be on the grass, in the shade of a tree.

We meet at the same standing Surfer Boy statue, and then find a likely spot.
The class content will vary depending on which location is available. If a picnic table is available, I enjoy to use the structure of the bench and table top for classes; picnic table yoga. If you enjoy Iyengar yoga, you’ll love it. If using props during yoga isn’t your thing, you’ll hate it. The bench is perfect for supporting the back. We place our arms on the bench while doing all of the standing poses. It allows for a low back support while offering an enjoyable upper body engagement.

If the picnic tables aren’t available, then, perhaps Coconut Tree yoga. With yoga straps wrapped around a Coconut tree, we can lean away and pull on a strap, gently. Gently is the key. How gently can you engage your rotator cuff? It is easy to use strength. It is much more mentally challenging to softly engage your core with your peripheral while balancing with the help of a strap attached to a tree.

As usual, either partner yoga or every once in a while a sort of regular ‘flow’ class, depending on who shows up and what sort of interest is offered, will contribute to our class on that day.

Bring a towel to sit on.




This is the same as the park yoga class. We meet at the same statue, and then find out spot. However, we’ll enjoy the setting sun’s colors as we go through our class.

Bring a towel to sit on.


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